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Dragon Ball Z Kai [Saiyan Saga] Episodes In Tamil


Title : Dragon Ball Z Kai
Saga : Saiyan Saga
Audio : Tamil (128 kbps)
Quality : 1080p [1080p x265 10bit Untouched]
Size – 200 MB To 280 MB
Encoded By : Unitamilcartoons


Episode 01 – The Beginning of the Battle! Son Goku is Back – Download

Episode 02 – The Enemy is Goku’s Brother! The Secret of the Saiyans, the Strongest Warriors – Download

Episode 03 – A Battle with Their Lives on the Line! Goku and Piccolo’s Wild Suicide Attack – Download

Episode 04 – Run in the Afterlife, Goku! The One Million Mile Snake Way! – Download

Episode 05 – Wilderness Survival! A Moonlit Night Awakens Gohan! – Download

Episode 06 – The End of Snake Way! King Kai’s Bizarre Test! – Download

Episode 07 – The Battle with Ten-Times Gravity! Goku’s Race Against the Clock! – Download

Episode 08 – Shenron Appears! The Saiyans Arrive Sooner than Expected! – Download

Episode 09 – Yamcha’s Struggle! The Terrible Saibamen! – Download

Episode 10 – Sit Tight, Chiaotzu! Tien’s Screaming Tri-Beam! – Download

Episode 11 – Will Goku Make it in Time?! Three Hours Until the Battle Resumes! – Download

Episode 12 – Farewell, Piccolo! Goku’s Furious Counterattack! – Download

Episode 13 – The Power of Kaio-Ken! Goku vs. Vegeta! – Download

Episode 14 – An All-Out Kamehameha! Vegeta’s Terrible Transformation! – Download

Episode 15 – Goku on the Ropes! Pin Your Hopes on the Spirit Bomb! – Download

Episode 16 – Defeat the Invincible Vegeta! Work a Miracle, Gohan! – Download

Episode 17 – Dawn of a Fierce Battle! The Star of Hope is Piccolo’s Homeland! – Download

Episode 18 – The Ship Resting in Yunzabit! Time to Blast Off for Planet Namek! – Download

Episode 19 – A Powerful New Foe! Frieza, Ruler of the Universe! – Download

Episode 20 – The Rebellion Against Frieza! Vegeta’s Burning Ambition! – Download

Episode 21 – Protect the Dragon Balls! The Namekians’ All-Out Attack! – Download

Episode 22 – Dodoria’s Terrifying Chase! A Truth Revealed to Vegeta! – Download

Episode 23 – Vegeta’s Covert Maneuvers! A Tragic Assault on the Namekians! – Download

Episode 24 – Friends Reborn! Zarbon’s Hideous Transformation! – Download

Episode 25 – Power Up, Krillin! Frieza’s Mounting Apprehension! – Download

Episode 26 – The Scheme Is Shattered! Vegeta Strikes Back at Zarbon! – Download


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