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Title : Beyblade Burst Turbo
Audio : Tamil Original Audio
Quality : 720p WEB-DL
Size – 100 TO 200 MB
Encoded By : Unitamilcartoons

Episode 1 Time to go Turbo! Download

Episode 2 Achilles vs Forneus! Download

Episode 3 Duel at Sunset! Download

Episode 4 Land it! Z Breaker! Download

Episode 5 Turbo Match! Valtryek vs Lúinor! Download

Episode 6 Winter Knight! Battle Royale! Download

Episode 7 Curtains Rise! The Lúinor Cup! Download

Episode 8 Transformation! Heat Salamander! Download

Episode 9 Swirling Inferno! Download

Episode 10 Achilles Vs Roktavor! Download

Episode 11 Battle of Betrayal! Download

Episode 12 Bull’s-eye! Archer Hercules! Download

Episode 13 Lúinor Cup! Final Battle! Download

Episode 14 Raging Dragon! Brutal Lúinor! Download

Episode 15 Trial by Fire! Defeat Lui! Download

Episode 16 Epic Voyage! Battleship Cruise! Download

Episode 17 Sword Of the Legendary Hero! Download

Episode 18 Ghost Ship! Adventure On The High Seas! Download

Episode 19 Super Rumble! Beyathlon! Download

Episode 20 Explosive Flames! Revive Phoenix! Download

Episode 21 Cooperation! Tag-Team Battle! Download

Episode 22 Three-Way Stand-Off! Download

Episode 23 Operation: Protect the Bey Stars! Download

Episode 24 Achilles vs Xcalius! Download

Episode 25 Super Dragon! Geist Fafnir! Download

Episode 26 Battleship Cruise! Final Voyage! Download

Episode 27 Road to Glory! Download

Episode 28 Valt vs Aiger! Download

Episode 29 Dark Prince! Dread Hades! Download

Episode 30 Aiger Goes Wild! Download

Episode 31 Rebirth! Turbo Valtryek! Download

Episode 32 Dread Tower! The Dark Citadel! Download

Episode 33 Trapped in the Dread Tower! Download

Episode 34 Secret of the Fused Bey! Download

Episode 35 Spirit of Flame! Turbo Spryzen! Download

Episode 36 The Darkness Within! Download

Episode 37 Turbo Clash! Showdown at the Dark Citadel! Download

Episode 38 Rebirth! Turbo Achilles! Download

Episode 39 Aiger’s Rematch! Unbreakable Bond! Download

Episode 40 Master of the Wind! Air Knight! Download

Episode 41 Hyde vs Phi! Download

Episode 42 Battle Royale! Beyblade Heroes! Download

Episode 43 Lord of Destruction! Dread Phoenix! Download

Episode 44 Turbo Training! Xavier’s Kingdom! Download

Episode 45 Turbo Training! Survival on the Savanna! Download

Episode 46 Take Flight! Aerial Showdown! Download

Episode 47 Spirit of Flame vs Lord of Destruction! Download

Episode 48 Blading Together! Turbo Awakening! Download

Episode 49 Aiger vs Phi! Download

Episode 50 Aiger’s Turbo Resonance! Download

Episode 51 Bonding! Aiger vs Valt! Download

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